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Podcasting for Business

Jan 7, 2020

In this episode 11 different experts in their fields share their best pieces of advice for you if your starting or scaling your business to set up in the best way for the new year and decade!

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Here is a summary of the advice from the entrepreneurs in this episode:

KC Rossi - Business Coach

Cultivate self confidence by doing

Elaine Batho - Life & Wellness Coach

Develop a mindset of confidence, resilience, self belief & courage, Get help, Have structure, Be adaptable and flexible

Lynsey Cowan - Elite VA

Outsource your tech

Alex Grzybek - Confidence Rockstar

Share your story

Isabella Nair - Personal Branding and PR Coach

Just do it even if you feel scared to

Claire Winter - Cracking Content Club

It’s not about you. It’s about your customers!

Virna Cothrill - Business Strategy and Operations Consultant

Don’t wait to track your business finances

Louise Lewis - Louise Lewis Coaching

You get to decide what your business looks like

Yvonne Rosney - YMR Coaching and Development

Rome wasn’t built in a day - Be patient

Aditi Singh - Raising World Children

Always be willing to adapt.

Isabel Lydal - Curiosity and Clarity Market Research

Always keep learning about your target customers