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Podcasting for Business

Jul 30, 2020

Today we're talking about why you aren't going to be the next Joe Rogan. 


I've had a few people in the past few months say that their goal with their podcast is to be the next Joe Rogan. 


I’m all about aiming high but we need to get some perspective here guys, okay?


So Joe Rogan, for those of you that don't know...

Jul 23, 2020

In this episode we’re talking about how to batch episodes for your podcast, but in truth, this process will also help you with any content that you produce for your business for example YouTube and blogs.


You’ll learn a six-step process to help you to batch six episodes in just a day and a half, from having the...

Jul 16, 2020

In this episode we answer the question, is it ok to take a break from your podcast?


I get asked about quite often when people are thinking about starting a podcast so we're going to look at that in a little bit more detail. 


In short, the answer is yeah, of course it's okay to take a break from your podcast! But...

Jul 9, 2020

In this week’s episode I’m talking about the four main reasons that people tell me are the reasons they’ve not started their podcast yet.


They are:







We’ll explore how each of these show up.


Here are the highlights from this episode:


{1:15} The cost of your podcast

Jul 2, 2020

What’s one of the most often asked questions do you think I get asked when it comes to starting your podcast? 


Can I create a podcast if I have an accent?


Seriously, that’s the’s hard to believe but people think it and I certainly did when I first got started. 


The issue is that it stops people...