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Podcasting for Business

Jun 4, 2020

The episode I was going to release this week didn’t feel right to me so I’ve recorded this new short episode to speak to the situation we’re seeing in the world right now.

The biggest reason I help people to start podcasts is so they can have more impact and have a voice.

We all have seen the horrific act of violence resulting in the murder of George Floyd when a police officer kneeled on his neck for almost 9 minutes. 3 of which when Mr. Floyd lay there unresponsive.

Sadly this is nothing new.

There are many others who have been killed through police brutality.

So in today’s short episode I want to share resources with you and also give you my thoughts on our responsibilities as podcasters even if you’ve not started yours yet.


Here are the episode highlights:


{1:37} The responsibility of being a podcaster

{2:27} Be careful about choosing the right guests for your podcast

{4:34} Podcast  and other resources

{7:37} My way to be anti-racist 


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