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Podcasting for Business

Jun 25, 2020

In this episode I’m talking about something that really gets under my skin!

People starting a podcast without having a strategy for it.

The majority of people who give up on their podcast are those that don’t plan in advance what their podcast is for and how they want it to help them grow their business.

I share my advice for having a clear plan before all the fun stuff like deciding which mic to buy and what your title should be!


Here are the highlights for this episode:


{0:41} Why a lots of podcasters give up

{1:55} Podcast world nowadays

{4:26} What is your reason to start a podcast?

{5:25} What does it mean to have a strategy before you start your podcast?

{8:23} Have a look at your calendar

{10:13} 3 questions to succeed

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