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Podcasting for Business

Aug 6, 2020

In this episode we’re talking about why you don't need a big audience to start your podcast. 


I get lots of people coming to me saying, "Lynsay, I can't start my podcast yet because I need a bigger audience. I don't have an audience yet. So, I need to build the audience first, and then, I'll start a podcast." 


They're working hard to build an audience. They're putting content out consistently on social media. They're sending emails out to the few people that they have on their list. They might even be at the stage where they're thinking, "Oh, I'm just going to have to spend some money on ads to get found." 


But here is the truth. 


Wait for it. 


The podcast is the thing that is going to help you grow your audience, pretty much for free too.


Here are the highlights from this episode:


{1:05} Why you don’t need a huge audience to start your podcast

{2:55} Why podcasts create a deeper connection with your audience

{3:47} How you can grow your email list with your podcast

{6:14} Three quick ways to grow your audience through your podcast

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